What We Do

We create world-class high-stakes presentations for a select senior executive clientele
using our innovative presentation methodology, VIZulocity. The end result? Great stories
that drive audience action. We also create software applications that make it easy for the
average presenter to up their game using PowerPoint and Office 365

What is High Stakes?

Any presentation where the future of your organization is at stake,
where your personal brand, vision, or image are at stake,
or where you have to drive a perfect decision;
that is what sets us apart.

Internal Presentations

A presentation to the board of directors on a strategy change.
Firing up a 10,000 person workforce for the year ahead.
Or introducing your new product to 15,000 partners.

External Presentations

You've flown in 20 top CIOs to the Masters for a sales pitch.
You're introducing a new product to the world.
Or a one on one demo to a skeptical journalist

How Do We Do It

We'll work with your existing teams and structure and bring the following advantages

  • Our Methodology

    From a blank piece of paper to a successfully executed presentation with follow up. Our VIZulocity Methodology(c) gets you from A to Z.

  • Speed & Flexibility

    We live in a just in time world and we specialize in delivering world class presentations that run against a crazy timeline.

  • Multi Format

    Most agencies specialize in slides, production, video, or the spoken word. We don't, we do everything so your story is richer and more compelling.

  • A Demo Focus

    A demo is worth a thousand slides and so we have some amazing ways to help you not just talk about your product, but show it as well.

  • Our Experience

    10 years and four thousand presentations later we know what works and what doesn't work. We love what we do and it shows.

  • Our Software

    For select engagements we will bring our VIZulocity software to the party which helps you create great presentations on your own.

Learn More

We're not for everybody. Like all the other agencies, we tell great stories but our real focus, our love and passion, is working with a select clientele on high-stakes presentations that drive big action. We are always looking for great speechwriters and software developers who are looking to work on a transformational product